Making South Africa the best place to live and do business

South African businesses are embattled and under siege. Your company has been beset by, or is at risk of, a level of criminality that is unequalled in the world. Your very life is often at risk in conducting honest business. Business risk, affecting bottom-line results, is of a vastly different nature in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. We seek to change that.


RESOLUTION Intelligent Business Services (Pty) Ltd is an operational partnership of business leaders created to Respond, Repair/Remediate and create Resilience for South African companies. We believe in a working South Africa, are doubling down in our investments while bringing our various talents to fix situations in other companies. We believe in being assertive in battling internal crime whether “white collar” or “blue collar”, at the accounting or the contact/logistics levels. We believe in building into the lives of our employees and their families creating a safe environment to live. We believe in creating businesses of excellence able to be strong and competitive in the global environment.