Investigating Risks, Threats and Losses
Asses... Investigate... Resolve
Making South Africa a Better Place to
Live and do Business!

Resolution Intelligent Business Services (Pty) Ltd is a business initiative consisting of strategic partners to assist business and communities with a broad spectrum of solutions tailored to meet their opportunities, risks, threats and losses.

The challenges of doing business in South Africa are many and varied and are broadly related to cyber threats, business interruption, changes in legislation, climate change, loss of reputation or brand value, market developments, losses due to fire, explosions and new technologies.

More specifically crime, corruption, fraud and theft remain very high on the list for many businesses, especially those involved in FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods, logistics and warehousing.

Simply put, wherever there are items of value and people are involved, there is a significantly increased risk of crime and substantial losses.

Our Business is a structured offering of related business services to assist clients Investigate, Assess, Understand, Communicate, and Remediate organisational risks and threats.

Businesses engaged in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Warehousing and Logistics are particularly susceptible to suffer losses and continued threats due to criminal acts such as fraud, arson, theft, hijacking, labour disputes and issues, illegal strike action and so on.